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We are able to show up to 3 properties based on the answers to the below questions:

1) What the total gross monthly income for all adults living in the property?

2) Do you have verifiable rental history?

3) How is your credit?

4) When are you looking to move?

5) Do you have pets?



Prior to completing the application, please carefully review the following criteria to determine your eligibility.


*We do not start processing until application fee(s) have been paid.*


Age: Each adult, regardless if they contribute financially to the household, must fill out a separate application.

Income: We must be able to verify your income. We require your 2 most recent pay stubs and/or verification of any of the following: Recent printouts of child support (if court ordered and received regularly) food Stamps, SSI, disability or TANIF.  State income must be issued from Indiana. Self-employed applicants must provide either a year's worth of financial statements (bank statement, CPA document, P/L, etc.) or a tax return from the previous year. If you have not yet started a job but have secured employment we can also accept an offer letter, letter of intent or transfer paperwork. It  must contain hire/start date & rate of pay.

For single family homes, 30% of your total monthly gross income (before taxes) must be equal or greater than the monthly rent of the property you are applying for.** For example, if you are looking for a $600 rental, your monthly income must be at least $2,000.**


Multi-family units that include utilities are subject to lower income requirements.

Student loan income or savings is counted only in the event that you are paying rent up front for 6-12 months. You must still go through a credit check and we must obtain a landlord reference.

Rental History: We must be able to confirm legitimate rental history. Verifiable rental history is defined by an offical written lease agreement between the applicant and a landlord. (not friends or family) If you have been previously evicted, owe a previous rental related item or you were asked to move from a residence the application is subject to denial or a higher deposit may be required.  If you have never rented before we charge 2 times the listed security deposit. ($99 deposit specials will require a full deposit) We also check eviction records daily to ensure there are no pending or previous evictions. 

All applicants must consent to a check of their credit history. Poor credit will result in denial or be subject to a higher deposit. If you have disclosed to our staff that you are planning on filing bankruptcy or have already filed we cannot approve an application until the bankruptcy has been discharged.

PET POLICY:  Unless specifically stated otherwise, pets are permitted in our singe family homes. There is a $500 refundable pet deposit due before move-in.  If we receive complaints of noise, litter or other issues concerning the pet(s) we will ask you to remove it from the premises. No more than 2 pets allowed per household. Our multifamily units do not allow pets.


*We do not accept Mishawaka Section 8 effective 1/1/2013.*

*We do not accept South Bend Section 8 effective 1/12015*

*We do not allow an in home daycare to be run out of our rental properties.*



*Once your application(s) are approved we can accept 1/2 of the security deposit (excluding deposit specials) via money order, credit/debit card or cashier's check. (no personal checks accepted for deposits) This will hold the property for a  maximum of 30 days.  We will refund the deposit paid prior to move in if it is within 1 business day of when the initial deposit was paid. Lease must be signed and all fee's paid (security deposit, rent, pet deposit, pet fee's, etc) prior to receiving keys.*




**HomeWorks Property Management complies with the Fair Housing Act as amended, prohibiting discrimination in housing based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or familial status.

**Unit is not reserved until security deposit is paid. Once application is approved and security deposit is put on the unit, we can hold the unit for up to thirty (30) days only.

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